Research Project Advisors

This program is currently on hiatus.

REU students will be directly mentored by faculty advisors from UCSC’s Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies Departments.  Each student will choose from the following list of potential projects happening in each advisor’s lab:

  1. Dr. Laurel Fox– Plant pollinator responses to climate change
  2. Dr. Barry Sinervo– Effects of climate change on thermoregulation in lizards
  3. Dr. Susan Carter– engineered energy & water for sustainable agriculture
  4. Dr. Kristy Kroeker– ocean acidification, eutrophication, ecosystem function
  5. Dr. Jarmila Pittermann– Climate change and response of plant vascular systems
  6. Dr. Beth Shapiro– Ancient DNA, genomics, population genetics
  7. Dr. Grant Pogson– Speciation, adaptation, natural selection, comparative population genomics
  8. Dr. Eric Palkovacs– Interactions between evolutionary processes and climate change
  9. Dr. Michael Loik– weather and climate effects on plants and ecosystems
  10. Dr. Peter Raimondi & Dr. Mark Carr– Responses of coastal marine ecosystems to climate change

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